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We want to welcome you to Riverside Electrician CA. Our team is happy that you have found our website. We want to show you why we are rated as the leading provider of residential and commercial electrical services in the Riverside, California region. If you are searching for electricians in my area then you have come to the right spot. Our track record for excellence in service is backed up by our dedicated team of local that are committed to providing an elite customer experience.

About Our Company

Our company's founder started this company with a desire to deliver high-quality electrical services to the Riverside County. The team we have assembled is dedicated to providing elite electric services to the residents and commercial operators of Riverside and the surrounding areas. Those that are looking for an electrical expert near Riverside CA should reach out to us today. We have gone to great lengths to establish our reputation as the best electrical expert in Riverside County. Our team has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the electrical trade and we combine these strengths with our commitment to service so that we can always deliver a superior customer experience. This commitment to excellence includes ensuring that every job is done to the highest standards and up to code.


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As the leading Riverside electrician, we offer a comprehensive range of expert services that are intended to cover all the needs of customers looking for a residential or commercial electrical repair company. Our professional services include:







Having a reliable supply of electricity is essential to your ability to go about your daily activities. This is true whether it is for your home or your business. Our team is there for you whenever you need licensed electrician contractors in Baltimore to provide you with expert services.

Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is among the most important aspects related to the electrical service in your home or business. When issues arise, you can rely on our troubleshooting capabilities to quickly find the issue and resolve it.

Appliance Circuits/Dedicated Circuits

A dedicated circuit, or appliance circuit, is one that is solely devoted to a piece of specific equipment that you are using in your property. Kitchen appliances are the most likely to require these circuits as well as laundry machines. When you need to install a dedicated circuit into your property, you can rely on our team for fast and reliable electrical repair services.

Circuit Breaker and Fuses

If you want to speak to an expert about the average cost of a circuit breaker installation, our electrical contractors are the go-to source. Our goal is always to offer customers the fairest and most competitive prices for all of the work that we do and this is the case when it comes to the important topic of circuit breaker installation.

Home Safety Inspection

Our home safety inspection service is a valuable one. This is the ideal way to find out about issues that you might be unaware of with your electrical equipment. You can rely on our skilled technicians to do an exhaustive inspection of your entire system to ensure that everything is up to code and safe. Faults in your electrical system can have serious consequences if they are not resolved and our commitment to helping to keep your home or business safe is another reason why we are the leading electricians in Riverside CA.

Whether it is your home or your business property, your wiring is a crucial part of your overall electrical system and it is one of the primary areas that we focus on.

Home Rewiring

Home electrical line repair is a big task and it requires the kind of specialized expertise that our team possesses. When you need rewire for your home or business, you can rely on us to deliver an outstanding finished result. We always aim to provide you with a great price for home electrical line services and we also offer a fair and competitive cost to install an electrical outlet.

Hot Tub Wire Installation

Cable work a hot tub is a job that must be done by trained professionals. Anytime that you are dealing with something where water and electricity are close, the electrical wire has to be just right. You can rely on our expertise when you need hot tub electrical wire installation. You can also count on our commitment to giving you the best hot tub wire installation cost.

Swimming Pool Wiring

The same types of safety protocols must be observed when dealing with the wirework of a swimming pool. Things must be done right when using electricity for a function that involves water. We have a wealth of experience in doing swimming pool wirework for our customers.

Phone and Computer Cabling

Our team of trusted computer and phone cable installers will be there for you when you need them. We will be there to ensure that these valuable services are there for you and working their best when you need them the most in your home or business.

We are also your reliable and trusted lighting installation experts here in Riverside. Whether you need to install a light switch, need recessed lighting installation, or need motion sensor lighting, we are the experts to call upon.

Recessed Lights Installation

There are a lot of benefits to installing recessed lighting. Doing so can make a room feel like it is bigger. It also helps to create a desirable ambiance that many homeowners and business owners appreciate. As with all of our services, we will always aim to get you the most competitive cost to install recessed lighting.

Motion Lights Installation

Installing motion lights is popular with many homeowners and business owners. These lights can provide an extra level of security for your property and also offer a convenience factor. If you plan on installing a motion sensor light, get in touch with our team today to find out about our excellent service and competitive prices.

Light Switches Installation

Your light switches are at the heart of your lighting system at your home or business. They make it possible for you to control your lighting and you want them to work perfectly. Whether you need repair work or want to install a light switch we can do the job right.

As the leading provider of electrical repair services, we also offer these great additional services for residential and commercial customers.

Surge Protection

Our team offers whole home surge protection for residents and business owners in the Riverside area. There are some key benefits to installing whole house surge protection. These benefits include vital protection from that damage that can be caused to an electrical system by in-home power surges and electrical storms.

Smoke Detector Installation

Having a reliable smoke detector is one of the most important safety features you need in your home or business. You can rely on our trained service technicians to expertly install your smoke detectors for you so that you can rest easier.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a tremendous convenience and can help to keep your home cool and comfortable during warm weather. If you need ceiling fans installation, we are the reliable and experienced team to contact in the Riverside area. We also offer ceiling fan with light installation.


We have accumulated many positive reviews from our customers over the years. Some of the positive feedback that our past customers have left us includes these great reviews:

"The team did an amazing job with my electrical installation. I appreciated the way that they explained everything before doing the job. That's why I do recommend their service for you to try."

John M. from Riverside

"These guys did great work. I called them to install lights in my garden and the results were exactly what I hoped for. Good job to a great service!"

Sheila R.

"We called the electrical technicians out to check on some electrical problems we were having in our office building. They arrived on time and did a thorough job of checking everything. Once they identified the problem, they quickly did the repairs. Very satisfied with the service!"

Rob T. from Riverside


There are many reasons to choose our team when you need to hire the best electrical technician in Riverside CA. We always deliver all of our services to the highest industry standards and never compromise when it comes to using high-quality materials. We also provide a fair and reasonable cost for an electrical work repair service. Our expert technicians will always work alongside you as the customer to ensure that you are aware of the work that needs to be done. We also commit to delivering our services in a timely and efficient manner. We understand that you do not want to have your home life or business operation disrupted by work being done by contractors and so we always aim to deliver service in a manner that will ensure minimal disruption.

How To Hire a Great Electrical Contractor

Contrary to what others say, it is not easy to find a great home services pro. There are a lot of them. They all claim to be experts and they don’t all have the character to be honest if something is “over their head” in terms of ability and skill level and many lack the proper licensing, documents and insurances should something go wrong. Let’s be honest, electricity can affect every aspect of your home and business and can result in huge damages including fires and death.

First things first, as we’ve harped on before, you must take the time to do your research and not get ripped off. Below are some steps you can take:

1. Get Referrals. Ask around the office and the neighborhood - ​Ask your family, friends or neighbors if they can recommend a professional to you and inquire if they're pleased with the work. Better yet, ask them if they can show you the project they completed and ask them how long it took the worker to complete it.  

2. Ask Facebook for recommendations - Facebook installed a cool new feature awhile back that allows its users to ask for recommendations in the local area. Just go online and post that you’re looking for a great ______ in your city and you’re looking for input. 

3. Visit The NextDoor App - One of the best apps that we also use ourselves in Nextdoor. It’s a local app for its uses to connect with their neighbors for local events, happenings, gatherings, announcement and recommendations. I would never hire anyone locally without consulting my Nextdoor app first. I also provide great referrals to my neighbors since we deal with a lot of small business owners.

4. Check Home Advisor, Thumbtack and Angie’s List- There are numerous online website and apps for home services that you can conduct research on. Reviews are huge so take the time to read them.

5. Check Reviews- Reviews are a huge part of the online world and any company that’s on top of their will have a system in place that makes it easy for reviews. Check their Google, Yelp, Bing and Facebook reviews.

6. Check with the local Better Business Bureau- The BBB has their own reviews system now and you can go on and check if a business is in hot water by any former clients or customers. Do it. It’s worth the few minutes it takes to check out a business.

7. Ask About Their History And Experience- In all honesty, a brand new "expert" fresh out of technical schooling could just have received their licensing fresh off the presses and they could be fully insured, bonded and licensed and it all looks great but what if they’ve NEVER done any electrical contracting work and have no experience. Now sorry, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to leave something so challenging and dangerous as electrical work to someone fresh out of school. I want an experienced, seasoned veteran who knows the ins and outs of the job, what fair pricing is and how to get it completed in a timely manner the first time.   


8. Get A Written Quote- Any solid pro will expect you to ask for a written quote for “big” jobs and will come out to your location to take a look at the job and what it entails. Most will give you a quote over the phone which is a “ballpark” for the smaller jobs. We will come out for either. No worries. But be cautious if someone won’t give you a written quote, refuses to visit the job site or is difficult to work with or converse with over the phone. We love our work. We want to talk to you and we want to come out to your locations to help you. In addition, be aware of the “low balling” of your project that may get them the job but give you as headache later when they tack on additional charges and hours.


Contact our team at Electrician Riverside CA today to speak to us about your service needs. We are excited about the chance to show you why we are considered to be the top residential electrician and the leading provider of commercial electrician services. You can contact us by phone to speak directly with a team member, or you can leave us a message on our website and we will be in touch with you shortly. When you need a reliable handyman electrician that can tackle a full range of services, you can rely on our expertise and our commitment to delivering a top-notch customer experience. We are excited to hear from you soon.